calcium lecithin 


This product is mainly processed from zymolytic bone calcium powder, lecithin, taurine, VB1, VB12, VC, b-cyclodextrin. Functional experiment has shown that this product can help hypermnesia. Zymolytic bone calcium powder, lecithin, taurine, VB1, VB12, VC, b-cyclodextrin Lecithin: 35%, Taurine: 2%

Product was developed for those who wish healthy brain and memory function

1. Strokes and brain circulation disorders.

2. Chronic fatigue.

3. The diseases of central nervous system including multiple sclerosis

4. The diseases of digestive tract and skin.

5. Old-age dementia.

6. Climacteric period.

7. Disorders in sexual area (frigidity and impotence).

8. Various forms of maniac-depressive states, especially when antidepressants do not help.

9. Stressful states, paresis and apoplexy.

1 box contains 18 capsules

Recommended Use : 3 capsules a day

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