calcium diabetes


Tianshi calcum with pumpkin is developed mainly for people who have high blood sugar levels and produced for the supply of daily calcium need in diabetic people.

Tianshi diabetic calcium contains more than 600mg calcium per box. It contains a supplement of pumpkin powder, among which CTY facilitates effective secretion from the pancreas and liver. It suppresses the accumulation of a particular protein which is special in diabetic cases.

It contains malt rootlet which can propagate bacillus in the small intestine and improves the body's immune system. Wheat grass substance helps strengthen immune system.

Our product Tianshi  Calcium Powder with pumpkin  is % 100 natural and has low calories, lowfat, no sucrose. TTianshi  Calcium Powder with pumpkin  low in calories, fat, and with no sugar ingredients, is an ideal natural product for diabetic persons who suffer lack of calcium . Its preparation is fully pure and natural.