evening primrose oil


Tiens Evening Primrose Oil Softgel capsules contain a key Esential Fatty Acid - GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid). EFAs, which cannot be made in the body and must be obtained from foods - manage brain function, bone health, growth and development, skin and hair growth and regulation of metabolism.

This product is used by millions of women to manage the day to day stresses, feelings of depression and other associated challenges with PMS. It may also help with other aging issues, skin problems and allergies.

Evening Primrose Oil (OENOTHERA) is a plant grown in China's north eastern region. It is also called "the first flower of the night". This plant's oil is produced from Evening Primrose seeds using "cooling extraction" technology.
The basic substance of Evening Primrose oil is unsaturated fatty acids. The most important one among them is Gamma linolenic acid . Gamma linolenic acid can not be produced by the human body. This extremely necessary substance is taken from outside.
Scientific researches proved that Gamma linolenic acid  plays a leading role in the formation of prostaglandin. 
Prostaglandin disorder in a woman's metbolism cause many physiological disorders including menstrual period disorders.
Therefore, by taking the required dose of Gamma linolenic acid every day and keeping the prostaglandin balance in the body, one can prevent some disorders and discomforts in the metabolism. 
Gamma linolenic acid plays an important role in the formation of mitochondria of the cell membrane. The lack of these acids in cell cause skin damages, skin moisture imbalance, dry and sensitive skin or it may even lead to eczema.
"OENOTHERA OIL" contains numerous acid. By acting together with Gamma linolenic acid, these acids can effect the metabolism  and they can lower the lipid level in the blood and they can also accelerate the dissolving process rate of fats in the body.

In general, Tianshi Evening Primrose Oil is a great healing product that help resolve problems of middle-age women such as overweight and physiological imbalances. 

Indication : Traditionally used as a hormonal regulator

Ingredients : Evening Primrose Oil (%65), modified starch , vitamin E (antioxidant); moisturing agents: sorbitol, manitol, glycerol; emulsifier: glyceryl monoestearate

Suggested use : Take 3-6 capsules per day

One box contains 60 capsules.