gai bao calcium


The main ingredients of Tianshi Gai Bao High Calcium : Zymolytic Bone Calcium Powder,Calcium Citrate, Casein Phospho-Peptide, vitamin D3, Acid of Torezo fruits.
Tiens Gaibao High Calcium has a very high absorbtion rate  around % 99. The compound of calcium with the acid of Torezo fruits accelerates the processes of metabolism, normalizes PH, and has an impact on dissolving the stones in urinary bladder. Vitamin D3 stimulates the assimilation of calcium in organism, suppresses the growth of cancroid cells and strengthens the immunity. Phosphoric acid also helps to assimilate calcium by blocking the turn of ionized calcium in small intestine into calcium salt.

Tianshi Gai Bao High Calcium was compiled for those who should quickly supply theirs diet with calcium in the following  cases :
Pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, prevention of osteoporosis in adults, fracture of the bones
Each bottle contains 30 calcium tablets.
Suggested use :
For children and adolescents 3-4 tablets/ day
For adults : 2-3 tablets/day
For pregnant and breasfeeding women 4 tablets/ day
Contreindications : None