Lecithin(Phosphatidyl cholines) a phosphatide of glycerol is a substance with very important physiological functions. It contains an indispensable moiety the choline which is extremely important to human health. In the body two matters depend upon each other to accomplish its bio-activity.

1)Lecithin has the action to retard senility.

Lecithin is an important constituent of biological membrane. It may play the role as the prosthetic agent to restore the damaged membrane and thus retard senility.

2) Lecithin can promote nerve conductance and increase cerebral activity.

3) Lecithin can promote ciliary movement, muscular contraction, accelerate epidemical healing, increase the activity of insulin and enhance the functions of bone and nerve cells. It can be used to improve the treatment of neurosis or other nervous diseases to obtain a more satisfactory therapeutic result especially during the recovery of epilepsy and dementia.

4) Lecithin can regulate blood cholesterol level to maintain a normal standard requirement.

5) Lecithin can promote fat metabolism to prevent the occurrence of fatty liver. Lecithin contains choline which can prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver to avoid fatty liver formation. Therefore lecithin and choline were used clinically for the treatment of cirrhosis hepatitis and other liver diseases with satisfactory results.

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