*If you have a job but need to get additional income,
*If you want to work independently and build your own business,
*If you are seeking a part-time job or need to work with a time schedule  up to your preferences ,
*If you wish to work at home or anywhere up to your timing  and without any limitation,
*If you are willing to work in a multinational company and have the ability to do your business over 190 countries,
Tiens Business is right for you!
To apply for Tiens Distributorship System is cheap and easy.You dont have to put big capital. Tianshi Business is risk-free!
All you have to do is topay one time registration fee, fill out the Tiens Application Form
A Tiens distributor ID number will be given to you after your registration is approved by Tiens system.
Congratulations! You have become an Independant Tiens Distributor !
Welcome to Tiens Family and welcome to a healthy and wealthy world!

IMPORTANT : If you are already registered as a Tiens Distributor and if you did not cancel your Tiens distributorship, please do NOT send inquiries to join as a distributor,contact your sponsor or the nearest office in your area. Please note that it is not allowed to sign up multiple times as a distributor in Tianshi.


Opportunity to become financialy succesfull while using and distributing excellent quality products

Low capital investment, risk-free

Flexible working hours–can be done full/part-time

No time and place limits

Registration fee is paid only one time-no annual renewal fee

Many rewards such as luxury trips, luxury cars and homes

No experience necessary

Excellent support system