tiens nutrient super calcium 


TIENS NUTRIENT SUPER CALCIUM POWDER  is a powder of fish bones processed in a enzymolytic way and enriched with vitamins  A, vitamin C and vitamin  D2. It also contains defatted milk powder, cocoa powder, maltodekstrin, iron(sulphate) ,retinol,colecalciferol and natural vanilla aromatizator. Big concentration of organic calcium and rationally proportional balance of calcium , helps to gain high rate of microelement assimilation. Calcium plays a major role in the formation and development of the bones and teeth, aids blood coagulation, muscle contraction and even the transmission of nerve impulses. Marine calcium is very rich in bio available calcium which is absorbed by the body quicker than other calcium sources. The daily dose of calcium should be approximately from 800 to 1500 mg. The resource of calcium in kidney must be permanently supplemented because that everyday human being loses up to700 mg of calcium with urine and excrements.

Vitamin A regulates the growth and development of the bones, teeth and cellular membranes and contributes to their reproduction. It is known as the ‘eye-care’ ingredient whilst also claimed by many to protect the body against infections.

Vitamin D is also vitally important for the development of the bone tissue and for a fast metabolism. It participates in the integration of calcium salts into the organic matrix of the bones.

The spectrum of  nutrient super calcium powder application is very wide (because of the lack of calcium 200 various diseases and pathologic states may appear) and the following applications are the most important.

Indications :

1. Osteoporosis of any origin.
2. Auto-immune diseases, hypo-immune and allergic states
3. Infertility, menopause, the disorders of menstrual cycle and genital bleeding
4. Oncologic diseases (multiple myaloma, bone cancroid tumour, metastasis in bones with attendant pathologic fractures, breast cancer, cancroid tumours in women genital, etc.)
5. Heart and vessels diseases (disorders in the rhythm, hypertonia, angina pectoris and atherosclerosis).
6. Nervous system diseases.
7. Rheumatics, Bechtere's disease, arthritis, arthrosis.
8. Diabetes, thyroid diseases and dental decay.
According to the human body meridians  of Chinese Medicine, calcium should be applied at 5 - 7 p. m. when the activity of kidney is maximum. The recommended dosage: dissolve 1/2-1 part of the packet in the water not heater than 40 degrees of Celsius (in the presence of higher temperature the denaturalization of protein may occur), and after mixing drink 10-15 min. before the meal. The powder may be spread into yoghurt or curd. It is unadvisable to pour it to tea or coffee, because that caffeine blocks the assimilation of calcium. Apply it for 14 days in spring when the cumulation of alimentary resource is being proceeded.

Nutrient High Calcium Powder( biocalcium) is not recommended for children up to 12 years.

There is 360 mg calcium per one sachet(10 grams).

10 gr x 10 sachets in each Nutrient Super Calcium box
Ingredients : Fish Bone Powder, Milk Powder, Galacto oligo Saccharides(GOS), De-fatted milk powder, Non-dairy creamer, Cocoa powder, Flavouring Essence, Maltodextrin, Sweetener Saccharin Sodium, Antioxidant Ascorbic Acid, Flavouring Vanilin, Flavouring Ethyl maltol, Iron(sulphate), Retinol, Colecalciferol.