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Prime U Time Shadow Skincare Series
With well understanding of Traditional Chinese Five Elements Balance Theory and the profound study on the problems of skin ageing, Tiens Group put forward the brand new idea of �Skin Balancing and Regulating System� in �Prime U Timeshadow Series�. Extracted from natural herbal essences in the optimal ratio, Prime U active components act on each layer of the skin directly. by means of regulating inside and nourishing outside of the body, eliminate the fundamental factors of ageing skin and at the same time replenish energy of our skin, then create the perfect effect of both inside and outside of the body. Chaostic-bio Herbal Essence Extracting Technology used in Prime U Skincare System is based on Chinese Five Elements Balance Theory and a result of the selection and comparison of thousand of chinese herbs for years of clinical trials.

Chaostic-Bio Features are :
*Promoting blood circulation
*Accelerating cell metabolism
*Enhancing skin immunity
*Moistening and nourishing skin
*Eliminating free radicals
Prime U Time Shadow Skincare Set consists of  5 products : Prime U Purifying Cleanser Cream, Prime U Balancing Lotion, Prime U Firming Eye Cream, Prime U Day Cream, Prime U Night Cream
Normal Price: 168 �
primeu purifying cleanser Prime U Purifying Cleanser
Ingredients and Main Features :
* Chaostic-bio
* Pearl protein-nourishing , moisturizing and anti-ageing
* Silk peptide promotes the generation of collagen
* Soft cleaning factors gently removes aged and dry skin cutin, cleanses the skin effectively
* Removes the reminant cosmetics effectively, as well as the dirt and ageing cutin on the skin, and makes the face clean and clear.
primeu balancing lotion Prime U Balancing Lotion
Ingredients and Main Features :
*HAID oil-moisturizing
*Hydrating essence-supply and lock in the hydration for the skin
*Malay apple extracts-anti-oxidant and promote the synthesis of collagen
*Witch hazel extract-tightening pores
primeu firming eye cream Prime U Firming Eye Cream
Ingredients and Main Features :
* Chaostic-bio
* Lifting peptide �skin firming
* Algae extracts-make skin tight and firm, and promote synthesis of collagen
* Pauma bark , pfaffia paniculata,lilium candidum extracts promote micro-circulation
and eliminates black eye sockets

Prime U Firming Eye Cream increases skin elasticity, prevents and reduces wrinkles and
black eye sockets, eye pouches.
primeu day cream Prime Refinisher Day Cream
Ingredients and Main Features :
* Chaostic-bio
* Oat glucan-activate growth of fiber cells and synthesis of collagen
* VE-anti-oxidant
* Algae extracts-skin tightening
Prime U Refinisher  Day Cream effectively repairs and protects skin, reduce wrinkles, makes
the skin firmer and smoother, full of luster.
primeu night cream Prime U Nourishing Night Cream
Ingredients and Main Features :
*Almond oil moisturize and soften skin
*Methylsilanol hydroxyproline aspartate-promote skin helps rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin cells
*Lifting peptide tightens skin
Prime U Nourishing Night Cream effectively replenishes lost nutrients of your skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines by moisturizing deeply the skin and makes your skin softer and shining.